Commercial Bank of Dubai: the digital offer is enriched with two new solutions

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By Trusted Magazine editorial team.

This year, Commercial Bank of Dubai recorded an increase in the use of its digital platforms by its customers. Nearly 90% of our banking transactions are now fully digital, the CBD announced. As part of Commercial Bank of Dubai’s digitisation strategy to enhance customer experience, it launched the following new online digital features into the market in July 2019;

  • Bank account opening

  • Credit card application

  • Instant payment of bills

  • Instant transactional and service notifications

  • Electronic discount offers in partnership with selected branded

  • Daily electronic newsletters covering new banking offers, services and innovative products.

As part of its information security strategy, Commercial Bank of Dubai has enhanced its level of security for its data along with its banking transactions. Leveraging various cutting-edge data encryption technology to guarantee the security of banking operations, making the following secure features through Mobile Banking available for its customers;

  • A personalised activation/registration process with a user ID, a unique password and a debit card PIN code;

  • A secure login process using CBD Online Banking credentials;

  • A multi-level control throughout the use of the application.

Another novelty for the bank is the launch in September of a new option called "CBD Digi" which invites the bank's customers to share the application with their friends and family. They then receive a reward for any new account opened using a sponsorship code created for anyone who subscribes to the service.

These new products launched by Commercial Bank of Dubai are in line with its digital strategy which recorded a considerable leap in 2020 with almost 90% of banking transactions being totally digitalized.

In line with its roadmap, the bank has invested in leading-edge technologies to offer a seamless banking experience to its customers. According to a latest report published by the bank, more than 90% of payment transactions were made via digital channels and 98% of cash deposits were made via smart ATMs. In addition to its award- winning cash management solution, CBD recently launched a card-free cash withdrawals facility for its customers meaning they no longer need to visit a bank branch to make a cash withdrawal.

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