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Q&A with Anjorin Sunday

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Anjorin Sunday

How could you describe your career path in few words?

Honestly, my career path has not been an easy one. Been a physical commodities trader (Export/Import) is more or less family affair, my inspiration came through my mother who traded agriculture commodities in various local markets, so what I need to do was to rebrand her business to suit international standard and that is where the journey begins. First, after graduating from college, I decided to create job for myself instead of searching for the job, I try to laid my hand on few books, do some research online and attend free seminars that related to export and import business.

Through seminars I was able to gather ideas and I started to raise funds to start my first company Quartz Resources International Ventures, which later gave birth to sunyprofit international ltd and currently transformed to J-PROFIT INVESTMENT LTD all the companies focus remained the same, Export and Physical commodities trading. One thing that is sure for over a decade now I have been consistent in this industry, even though sometimes I get distracted either through government policies or my competitors.

What is your most challenging experience and it has changed your mind set?

My most challenging experience is raising funds to turn my knowledge and ideas into a real physical venture. It was really, difficult, I faced many questions like: have you done it before? How are you sure is going to succeed? Etc. Honestly, I understand how difficult to get investors to funds ideas but now it has changed my mind, I see brighter ideas from people I do appreciate and give support because I know that is what they needed. Start up business has its own natural challenges most especially when you are trying to do what someone has not done before in your family or in the environment you find yourself. Apart from funding, the technicality of the business is another thing like Delivery and payment terms. It is very important to understand the international trade terms as related to the products and services, I remember when an Importer asked me to send my delivery and payment terms based on incoterm 2000. First, I don't know what is INCOTERM 2000, so I have to make some research before I could reply the prospective importer. I was able to get over this and move to the next level which is raising funds and sourcing for commodities. Just as raising funds was difficult so also was sourcing. The concept of sourcing need to be properly understood such as quality, quantity, packaging and rest others.

What is the most important key success factor for you based on your experience?

There are many factors that lead to my success, one is 3T (Truth, Trust, thoughtfulness). Talking about "Truth" like I mentioned in previous paragraph when I talked about commodities sourcing, when an oversea buyer asked for samples and I sent samples that got his attention and I make sure that the standard of the samples remained throughout the supply chain.

"Trust" I think after a year I got client who was willing to send advance payment to me based on Trust, this I was able to receive, maintained and managed. Advance payment was properly used, this made this particular client to have more confidence in my capacity and integrity.

"Thoughtfulness" before doing anything it is very important to ask my self what do I need to do? How should I do it? When should I do it? If results are positive or negative how can I handle it? These are questions that cut across my mind which need to be properly attended to going forward. But the most important factor is believing in myself. When everything shows that I can't do it, I keep on believing in myself, when people say it is impossible, when government policies are not going as wanted, I keep to same dreams with jumping to something else. I remaining focus.

What Will be the major pitfall that may undermine the success of a leader?

Self Esteem and Trust is a key component of any leadership team. Without self-esteem and trust, your leadership team is much more likely to fail. A significant level of trust brings improved relationships, performance, and success so also a leader must have confidence in him or herself. Once a leader believed solemnly in him or herself without taking the effort of followers into consideration. A good leader must acknowledge success as a product of teamwork. A leader may experience personal pitfalls, organization pitfalls and environmental pitfalls. Leaders may experience all these pitfalls as they react to issues faced while leading, as they interact with Others.

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