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Q&A with Eman Alalawi

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Eman Alalawi

Could you tell us about your career path and how you evolved in the HR profession?

My passion in the human resources department began after I obtained a professional certificate and membership in 2012, and then my career began in the human resources and risk department. I worked in different fields in factories, banks, and banking organizations, and these changes made me what I am today by being able to Create effective modern policies.

Within your structure, what are the high-impact HR practices? What is your feedback on this?

Seeking for collaborative solutions. Old-school hierarchies no longer work as well as they used to – the best work gets done in more collaborative ways. High-impact HR teams are in the position to lay the groundwork for agile team systems that can better address ongoing development and overarching goal management. In my opinion, its the time to use new techniques as much as the new technologies.

How to strengthen the contribution of HR professionals in supporting transformations?

  1. Business acumen: HR must learn to be change champions, managing relationships and driving adoption across the business.

  2. Agile and design-thinking: these skills are critical for HR to deliver user-centric end-to-end employee experiences at scale.

  3. AI and analytics: when HR becomes data-driven, the function drives greater business value.

What are the key employee skills that you consider to be a priority to develop or strengthen in 2022?

After the Corona pandemic, I advise all companies and institutions, especially the human resources department, to develop the employees’ technological skills, as it has become clear that the employee can work and be productive in the best way from any location, and he or she does not necessarily have to come to work unless it is necessary, in anticipation of any circumstances in the near or far future. I believe its one of the main duties and responsibilities of the human resources department to develop an alternative plan that helps the employee and the organization to work without hindrances and continue to develop.

What managerial practices do you consider a priority to develop or strengthen in 2022?

Be an active listener to your employees and always salute their suggestions. Adapt their talent if they are mutually beneficial. It infuses them with self-confidence and dealing with employees transparently for a better healthy environment.

What are the HR challenges to which companies should be increasingly vigilant in order to overcome the effects of the health crisis?

Human Resource departments had a difficult job prior to the pandemic. In 2019, more than 50% of HR leaders struggled to ensure that employees had the skills necessary to navigate an increasingly digitized workplace. But, admittedly, this “future of work” had always seemed a safe distance ahead — far enough, at least, to thoughtfully prepare for. To be truly effective in this “new normal,” then, I believe HR leaders need to adjust and develop a new core capability: a complexity mindset.

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