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Q&A with Kiran Pasha

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Kiran Pasha ,CEO/Director @ Evolution Nurseries & Training Solutions

Entrepreneurial journey:

What motivated you to start your own preschool settings and training company, and what was your vision when you first started?  


Working as a lecturer and assessor at a London college, I frequently visited early years settings, often noting areas in need of improvement, and realizing they weren't places I'd choose for my own child. This realization fuelled my desire to provide top-quality childcare for children and families. Despite it not being the most financially lucrative path, Witnessing the growth and progress of young children further motivated me. Thus, my vision emerged: to deliver quality childcare tailored to each child's individual needs. 


Drawing from my background in training and development, I also founded a training company to impart knowledge not only to childcare professionals but also to individuals across various sectors through workshops on leadership and management. 


In all my years working with professionals from various sectors I have realised that your staff is your most valuable asset. As such I strongly advocate for dedicating resources and time to enhance their skills and as such my goal has been to guarantee that those working in childcare as well as corporate settings acquire the required expertise to excel.  


Key Challenges :

What were some of the significant challenges you faced when starting your business, and how did you overcome them?


Launching a new business involves a multitude of challenges, from securing funding to establishing a customer base and navigating legal requirements. Competition, market dynamics, and evolving consumer preferences further complicate matters. However, before facing any of the aforementioned challenges, I had a decision to make: leaving a secure high level position at a leading college. Apart from the financial implications, the uncertainty that this decision brought with itself had me second guessing. Questions about the nursery's viability and contingency plans troubled me, yet I couldn't shake the nagging thought: would I regret not taking this leap in the future? The resounding answer was "yes." 


Overcoming the challenges of starting a new business required strategic planning, extensive market research, and building a strong brand presence and despite the initial uncertainties, persevering through these obstacles is what brought me success. 


Future Plans:

What future plans or aspirations do you have for your preschool settings and your consulting work?

Currently, I operate two preschool nurseries within the UK with plans of expanding globally into different regions worldwide. There's also a growing demand for childcare services catering to children with additional needs, and I'm committed to offering them the support and opportunities they require to flourish. 


As far as the training and development initiatives are concerned, I have already collaborated with companies abroad and aspire to further my portfolio beyond education, delving into various sectors be it through conducting workshops in person or online. 


I also recently had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion at a global conference, an experience I found immensely fulfilling. As such I'm keen to engage in similar opportunities more frequently and explore avenues such as keynote speaking. 


Advice for Future Leaders:

What advice would you offer to emerging leaders in the learning and development sector to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead?" 


Stay focused on your goals and remember, every problem has a solution. In a post-pandemic world, we're facing more challenges than ever before. But with a growth mindset, strategic problem-solving, and resilience, you can overcome them. Stay open-minded and nurture empathy—it's crucial for building strong relationships and navigating tough situations. 


For leaders in Learning and Development (L&D), staying updated on industry trends and being receptive to new ideas is imperative. Despite the pandemic's challenges, it has also brought about new opportunities, such as online platforms for learning and development. Seize these opportunities by staying proactive, embracing innovation, and continuously seeking improvement. 


Encourage a culture of creativity and collaboration among your team members. This will enable any future leaders within the organisation to spot and capitalize on emerging opportunities, ultimately driving success. 





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