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Q&A with Nikki Greenberg

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Nikki Greenberg, Global Keynote Speaker, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

How could you describe your career path in a few words?

I entered the property industry through a career in architecture working in Australia. When I finished business school, I moved into property development and worked on some of the most important projects in Australia. I was then looking for new challenge, and in 2017 decided to move to New Yorkas it’s one of the greatest cities for real estate. It was here that I became in Ahmad with the emerging real estate technology scene and made it part of my career moving forward. I was attracted to real estate technology, also known as Proptech, because I saw it as another tool that could be used to create better places and experiences for people. Then went onto head technology strategy at one of Australia’s largest real estate investment managers, QIC.

It was here that I applied my interest to a large real estate portfolio to influence the current developments and future development pipeline. Along the way, I’d been frequently invited to share my views on future, trends and technologies at leading industry conferences around the world, and I continue to do so, delivering Qiu notes and thought leadership. I also advise start-ups interested in real estate, and real estate firms interested in innovation. In addition, I lead the global education and networking group woman in Proptech.

What are the highlights of the key digital innovation trends for 2022? Can you give us some major examples?

2022 will go down as the year of generative AI. Advancements in ChatGPT have been significant, and it seems as if every day there’s a new generative AI tool being announced and new use cases. 2022 will also go down as the year of both Apple and Meta, releasing mixed reality headsets which have the ability to really impact the way that people interact with technology through this platform. For example, apples, promotional videos, show a person wearing one of the vision, pro headsets and looking around a room where there’s a digital overlay of windows containing web pages chats and spreadsheets, enabling them to operate within a 3-D mixed reality environment. Meta also announced their mixed reality headset oculus three, which gives uses the ability to switch between virtual reality and mixed reality

Based on your experiences, what are the impactful trends in digital innovation that are becoming more important in the context of 2023?

These trends will continue to be impactful in 2023, 2024 and beyond. The Mark turning points in the way that we use technology that can be lichen Ed to wear we were 30 years ago when Microsoft windows 95 was released with programs, such as excel and which is considered to be the year that the Internet was born. When we look back at 2023 and the leaps that occurred this year in terms of generative AI, Web-3 and mixed reality I believe we will see it as the beginning of a real reality. 

In your opinion, how can they create high value for organizations?

Generative AI is a technology that, although incredibly advanced is still in its infancy. I like it to a toddler. Similarly, they are both young, incredibly smart, but clumsy. They both need to be supervised trained and taught to be good citizens of the world. Also, they should not be left to work on their own devices without a supervising adult steering it in the right way. For organizations that do look to work with generative AI the potential of what I can do is exponential. The speeded which I can problem solve and find patterns is incredible and in such a way it can delve into deep data sets, both proprietary and third-party to uncover insights at light speed. Creative potential for what gem of AI can do is still yet to be seen, and new applications and innovations are being announced daily. For the use of these reality, headsets as I spoke about from Apple Mam, and other companies.

This is an opportunity to interact with technology in a more natural way. Rather than working in a two-dimensional environment. Suddenly the technology comes out into three dimensions and is in an overlay in our space. It’s already been trial for use in workplaces, training, and education and gaming. I am excited to see how I can be used to add a digital layer to our existing world. For organizations that embrace such technology, I would encourage them to do it with some creativity. there’s an opportunity that using this technology can also reduce the environmental impact that people have on our planets. For example, being able to create life-size prototypes, or to model environmental impact that an activity might have. 

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