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Q&A with Pamela Adegbesan

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Pamela Adegbesan,Founder @AgilitYou.

How could you describe your career path in a few words? 


In a nutshell, my career has been a rich and colourful journey, weaving through diverse fields such as law, banking, the dynamic oil and gas sector, and even the impactful world of international NGOs. At the core of this multifaceted career has been my unwavering passion for equity, fairness, and human rights — principles that have been my guiding star in every professional endeavour. Over the past decade, I have increasingly found my calling in the world of project implementation. In this arena, I have taken great joy in leading initiatives focused on growth, change, and, most critically, accountability. These projects have not only challenged me but have also allowed me to make meaningful contributions in various sectors. 

The last four years have marked a particularly exhilarating phase of my journey, where I have immersed myself in Agile methodologies. This exploration has been both challenging and invigorating, deepening my understanding of effective project management and team dynamics. Embracing Agile principles, I have honed skills in adaptability, responsiveness, and collaborative problem-solving — key competencies that are increasingly vital in today's fast-paced business environment. 

As I look to the future, I see an ever-brightening landscape shaped by the principles of Agile. The potential for growth, innovation, and positive impact in this space is immense, and I am eager to continue playing an active role in this evolution. Agile is not just a methodology for me; it is a mindset that continually inspires me to strive for excellence and drive meaningful change. I eagerly anticipate the next chapter of this journey, confident that the best is yet to come. 


How do you think agile practices have transformed companies over the past two years? 

In recent years, Agile practices have not just transformed but revolutionized the business landscape for those who are bold enough to embrace change. Agile has evolved beyond a mere methodology; it has become a significant mindset shift, redefining the very essence of how companies operate. In this era, Agile has transcended its status as a buzzword. It has grown into a core pillar within organizations, guiding them toward groundbreaking innovation and a heightened emphasis on delivering unparalleled customer value. 

This shift towards Agile is not just a trend; it's a fundamental change in the corporate ethos. Businesses across various industries, from tech start-ups to established multinational corporations, are increasingly integrating Agile principles into their operations. The agility to respond to market changes, the flexibility to adapt strategies swiftly, and the capability to deliver products and services that truly resonate with customers’ evolving needs are now the hallmarks of a forward-thinking company. 

Moreover, this widespread adoption of Agile signifies more than just operational transformation; it reflects a cultural shift within organizations. Teams are becoming more collaborative, transparent, and empowered. Decision-making processes are becoming more decentralized, fostering an environment where innovation thrives and employees feel more engaged and valued. 

Witnessing this growing adoption of Agile, with companies not just implementing its practices but also embodying its spirit, is nothing short of exhilarating. It is a testament to Agile’s transformative power and its potential to shape the future of business. The journey towards agility is a continuous one, filled with learning and adaptation, and it's thrilling to see how companies are not just navigating this path but flourishing on it." 


What successful cases of agile transformations have you had the opportunity to observe that have particularly stood out to you? 


One remarkable transformation I have observed occurred in a mid-sized tech company grappling with product delivery challenges. Their adoption of Agile, and Scrum in particular, was akin to watching a caterpillar metamorphose into a butterfly. They transitioned from a rigid, deadline-centric approach to a more adaptable, iterative process. This shift did not just enhance their product delivery efficiency; it also uplifted team spirit and customer satisfaction, highlighting Agile's capability to revitalize an organization. However, the most fulfilling aspect for me has been mentorship. Employing Agile and Scrum techniques, I have seen young adults take greater control of their future goals and careers, becoming more motivated and proactive. By embracing the five core values of Scrum — respect, focus, commitment, courage, and openness — we have significantly minimized behavioural and disruptive issues, thus fostering growth and development. This experience reinforces my belief that Agile can be transformative, regardless of the sector, as long as its core values are earnestly applied and upheld. 

Will agile practices continue to generate interest? What challenges do you see in the context of deploying these practices? 


The future of Agile gleams with the radiance of the morning sun. It is already ascending, akin to an airplane seamlessly cruising through the skies. Along this journey, we will undoubtedly face turbulence – challenges like resistance to change, adapting to new workflows, and uniting diverse teams. Yet, it is precisely in these challenges that Agile's true beauty reveals itself – its intrinsic capacity to embrace and thrive amidst change and complexity. Agile transcends being a mere framework; it represents a path of continuous improvement and adaptability. For those of us practicing Agile, change is not just inevitable; it is eagerly welcomed. It is a symbol of progress, a testament to our unyielding quest for betterment. Growth indicates vitality, whereas stagnation suggests a standstill. 

The key challenge we face is breaking through complacency and rigidity. In this endeavour, the rise of Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role. AI acts like a robust wind beneath Agile's wings, propelling us towards new horizons of possibility and innovation. Agile is set to soar, powered by this momentum. The 'Skills in the New World of Work,' a 26-page report by the Scrum Alliance and the Business Agility Institute, reinforces this perspective. It suggests that as ‘Agilists’, we must continually evolve our strategies to align with the times and changes, ensuring we harness the full potential of Agile. 


Biography Section 

From my undergraduate days at the University, I delved into the intricate moral and legal debates surrounding human rights, culminating in my dissertation on 'The Right of Life is an Absolute Right.' Since then, I have navigated the complexities of international human rights law with a singular goal: to empower and uplift. Every step of my journey has been firmly rooted in a commitment to empowerment and upliftment. Whether through mentoring youth or leading strategic initiatives, my approach has consistently been to harness the collective power of knowledge and collaboration to create meaningful, positive change. I aspire not just to lead, but also to inspire and guide the next generation of leaders and change makers. Armed with an Agile mind-set and a heart full of determination, I am dedicated to nurturing a world where every young mind can reach its full potential, free from the limitations and barriers of the past."

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