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Q&A with Salwa Touzani

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Salwa Touzani, HR Executive - Head of Human Resources @ SOREC

Topic: The most impactful talent acquisition practices

About the Current Trends: What are the most significant trends shaping talent acquisition today? How have these trends affected our traditional methods?

Well Talent acquisition today is shaped by a new paradigm: managers who are still looking for puppies in line with their values and who have dealt with the same challenges. Where the new comers to the company bring a new mindset with expectations out of standards. Their posture must reflect a strong self confidence and consciousness of what they are looking for. So the game rules are changing and managers have to be prepared to recruit, onboard and stretch their mind to be able to build a new team spirit. Such deals impact the whole recruitment process which has to be designed considering candidates as a client, since we get in touch with them till the deal is signed, and even though not, they are still a client. So where to find them and how, what will be the message, and how to design the candidate recruitment experience making the manager part of its success. This is the deal.

About the Impact of Technology: How has technology changed the way we source and recruit talent? How are AI and machine learning being leveraged in talent acquisition?

About Diversity and Inclusion: How does your talent acquisition strategy ensure diversity and inclusion? What metrics do you use to evaluate a candidate's potential beyond just their resume?

Diversity and inclusion in the hiring process is not only a target of the HR Policy but the whole company. The HR team ensure to bet present in the event dedicated to promote diversity and reserve specific schedules for candidates who has specific needs. We focus on the competencies and advise them on their career choices first. And for those who match with the company need, we created a dedicated approach with managers to recruit trainees and also new comers. Today the results are remarkable.

The selection process must be a safe space for candidates. It’s the only way to get in touch with their real potential. With respect and empathy, listen and try to understand their motivation and what they are looking for. Challenge them about the fit and also if they think they have the ability to do the job. Regard potential, its only the quality of the conversation could be a good metric. How much did we learn from the candidate, and was it a positive experience for both recruiter and him.

About Sourcing Candidates: What are some of the most effective ways you've found to source candidates? How are you reaching passive candidates?

Well headhunting helps, but also network. Being present in social events in line with our values and spirit. Those are the best place to make our brand remarkable and attract candidates who match with our company. We also work to make connections through our employees, encouraging them to be communicate on our needs and sponsoring candidates when it is needed.

We also focus on being present in the recruitment event, social medial, and being reactive with candidates giving them transparency on the recruitment process. We also target association like Enactus, innovation bootcamp, and others who fit with our spirit.

At the end, its also a day to day work. Enhance a positive environment at work, celebrate work and make it enthusiastic. Then the best employer branding ambassador becomes our employees.

Technology can also help us make the data available to build the employer brand offer in line with the recruitment market. And to shape a digital experience to communicate, recruit and tease the candidates on how will be their daylife in their new professional environment.

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