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Société Générale launches the "virtual" bank card that can be used in the event of theft or loss

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

By the editorial team of Trusted Magazine.

Société Générale is the first bank in France to launch the instant digital card in the event of loss or theft of its bank card, which enables customers who have put their bank card on hold to continue paying with their mobile phone. In detail, it is a solution that gives the customer who has blocked his bank card following a loss or theft, the possibility to receive a new card in record time. And to help its customers and enable them to manage this situation simply and serenely, Société Générale has been offering an instant digital card to mobile payment users since July 2020. "This means that, after a stop payment, the new card is immediately available in their payment application," notes the bank in a press release. Users are then notified that they can continue to pay for their purchases in- store and online with their smartphone while waiting to receive their new card in the mail. "We are delighted to be able to offer our customers a solution to continue paying for their purchases using the increasingly popular mobile payment services, which will enable us to provide them with the best possible support in these delicate, even emergency situations," explains Julien Claudon, Head of Cards and Digitalisation at Société Générale.

Case study of the use of this solution: In the morning, you lose your card in transport. As soon as you realise this, you can cancel your card directly in your Société Générale Appli. A few seconds later, you receive a notification on your phone: you can use your new card now on your mobile while waiting to receive it by La Poste. No need to change your weekend schedule! You can make your purchases as usual by paying with your smartphone in contactless in-store and in Apps, with no limit on the amount: shopping, birthday party gift, ... etc.

It should be noted that last June, Société Générale launched its new application with the ambition to more strongly embody the bank's model by interweaving the human and digital worlds. Focused on customer support, this application offers a new experience with innovative solutions such as:

  • "SoBot" a chatbot connected to the accounts and video "Lives" with advisers who answer live;

  • "Banxup", to simply manage pocket money between parents and children;

  • A redesigned interface to enhance the customer experience.

The new Appli is the result of co-construction work with several hundred users in order to respond to changes in usage on the part of bank customers.

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