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The post pandemic value supply chain: The logistic of the future

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

By Tarik Laidi, Board member of Logistics Company.

In pandemic times, Logistics operators joined effort to save the global economy provide consumer with primary goods, commodities, and keep the supply chain alive. Building hope during this pandemic. Playing this important role is key but not enough to face the new challenges caused by the global business trade disruption. New challenges needs to be tackled promptly and creatively in order to meet the high expectation of the moment. The first challenge is the need to build the resilience and efficiency, Gary Hamel and Liisa Välikangas described the quest for resilience as seeking “zero trauma.” Resilience goes beyond mitigating risk; it enables a business to gain competitive advantage by learning how to deal continuously with disruptions more effectively than its competitors.

We believe that organizations need to improve how they deal with supply chain complexity and unexpected disruptions to prosper in turbulent change. Organizations can cultivate resilience by understanding their supply chain vulnerabilities and developing specific capabilities to cope with disruptions. Also, the pandemic may set a new requirement throw the safety, the capacity, enhance the volatility and flows visibility.

The second challenge is an opportunity that suppliers seize to accelerate digital transformation of their organization by using the AI, IOT, 5G, big data, and implement a green and sustainable supply chain. Several fast-forward trends, including expansion of online shopping, changes in how inventory is held, increased use of robots and autonomous vehicles, and increased need for cold storage warehousing, and the use of blockchain to track shipments.

As the coronavirus pandemic limited shoppers in stores, online shopping increased substantially, promoting companies to provide options for delivery of orders beyond traditional at-home delivery, and successful companies will find a new ways to leverage value, recently ZARA announce the closure of 1,200 stores shifting to on-line sales

In the prediction off the drop off supply chain flows, another challenge is how would be the positioning off logistics company in the light of the new global map’s flows. Many government calling for a reshaping of their international outsourcing policy. The French Minister of Economy and Finance called EU governments to rethink their approach to value chains in order to assure “sovereign” and “independent” supplies. unfortunately, this phase will see the emergence of losers and winners, operators who understand the real mutations will overcome this crisis. Moroccan economy and companies can seize the opportunities created by the global disruption and mutations to consolidate the position of the Country as a regional manufacturing and logistics Hub, in order to build resilient, sovereign, and more collaborative supply chain within the region of Africa, Mediterranean and Europe.

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