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Q&A with Blessing Ugboma

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Blessing Ugboma , Founder of The WiseMoney Platform

How could you describe your career path in few words?

As young as 11 years old, I could vividly recall stumbling on a news clip where I saw a group of men and women in a hall with lots of screens and prices in reds and greens. At this age this was really intriguing to me and as result this view lived in my memory. As I grew older my Curiosity needed answers and this led me to understand that what I saw many years ago is what is known as the STOCK MARKET. So my first ever idea of Finance and Investment is the Stock Market. And all I could think about was how much I loved it even when I had absolutely no idea of what it was I saw and how I could be a part of something so incredible. The older I got and the more I read, I discovered other amazing facets of Finance and investments and I excitedly found a way to carve my own niche even in an already existing industry which anyone would have felt was highly saturated. 

In describing my career path in the Finance & Investment Industry as a Coach, Author and Leader. I would say the Further I go it unravels and everything just falls into place. I wouldn’t fail to add that it was also more of an intentional process because the course I studied in the University didn’t Entirely prepared me for a successful Career in Finance and Investments but it’s played a huge role in the aspect of Finance and Business Writing and Publishing. 

In 2019, I went from Training Staffs of Schools and Companies to being The Founder of a Platform known as the WiseMoney Platform while also engaging with my passion in Coaching , Writing and Publishing in the areas of Finance, investing and Business. This I believe is where I officially kicked off my Coaching and Publishing Career in Finance, investments and Business. As one who knows and believes that “ No Knowledge is a waste “ I found a way to Skillfully Intertwine my knowledge in Human Resource, Writing and Publishing , Teaching /Coaching , Public speaking and Facilitating Corporate Workshops, into my present Career . All these I believe have worked in unison to Bring about An exceptional Career for me. 

I also find it worthy to mention that, I Intentionally decided to approach the Finance industry from a more unique, yet highly efficient and widely acceptable, problem Solving angle. So my career path has been one of an unconventional and quite unusual path. And these has greatly guided me while coming up with solutions that are highly practical, simplified, effective and efficient in Finance, Investments and Business. 

How have you approached the Finance and investments Industry from a unique and practical problem solving angle? 

This has actually been borne out of the love and passion I have for the people who are directly affected by the economy at large. 

So I came up with ways to demystify and soften Finance, Investments and Economic Concepts by making them Approachable, relatable and more Fun. By doing this I saw that it worked and a lot of people began to embrace these Finance concepts and perspectives from the angle of a new and developed Confidence. Also while doing this I am even more committed to devoting more time into coming up with very Practical and doable Strategies that have High Success Rates. I also Focus on the fact that,  no two individuals have the same Goals or Realities and it is not a “ one size fits all “ thing so I push myself further to work with them to come up with their best results in these areas of interest. This has been working and more individuals have come to embrace these new strategy and method of approaching Finance and investments. 

What was your most challenging experience and has it changed your mindset? 

I believe that every future Successful Business owner and Leader needs to have a feel of some challenges because embedded in these challenges are much needed answers or solutions in the long term. One of the most challenging experiences I have faced on this leadership journey was having to come up with a workable, highly efficient and effective money Contribution project. The actual challenge surfaced when the numbers of Clients/ participants registering in the prototype Online model tripled and became more than the numbers of physical clients / participants. I refused to deny how overwhelming this new situation was but decided to think up a new plan and top notch strategy to also become successful online. We were able accommodate and provide an online service efficiently with Greater and satisfying excellence till date. This experience built in me a special type of confidence that I draw out whenever I am faced with any other type of challenge. This  also taught me a very beautiful lesson which was that “ The road to success will from time to time need some good doses of healthy challenges to set you up properly for any wins to come “. 

When you get surprised by unusual or uncertain context, what do you think?

When I get surprised by Unusual or uncertain Context, the first thought I have is that, this has to be a very important part of whatever it is I am hoping to succeed at . So for me, I don’t get worked up, tensed, scared, panicked or worried. I put myself in a positive frame of mind and draw a lot of positive energy from whatever it is. With this I get pumped up to also provide a unique/ one of a kind solution or answer or strategy to win that too.

Based on your experience, what are the key success factors for a female leader / manager?

Your Willingness to Provide Solutions, Your Perseverance, your Strategies, Your reactiveness (“How fast and creatively you can think outside of the box”) and a genuine hunger for more knowledge. It’s unbelievable and unimaginable how far these factors can go. Placing the needs of others above mine is something I highly esteem and recommend for Female leaders because the “Mother Factor “makes it more satisfying. But since everyone is a unique being it’s also that best that each person pays attention to those factors that make them stand out. Even in little situations, you may be amazed at the outcomes when faced with bigger things. Also The ability to multi-task and manage most times comes naturally for Female leaders but recognizing, Practicing and making use of  these inherent abilities to grow,  will demand some good amount of work on the part of a female leader/manager. 

These here are some key success factors that has helped me as a Female leader /manager in my career and field. 

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