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Q&A with Dr. Mushira A. Eneizat

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Dr. Mushira A. Eneizat

How could you describe your career path in a few words?


Throughout my career journey, I had been able to try out many different fields from social work and working with refugees, to non-profit organizations, public relations, education, and startups. Each of these fields has taught me something different about the world, but also about the things that I was looking for in a future career. With each of the positions, however, I had to dive into the search for jobs. The hardest thing about “career planning and job hunting” at this point for me was to be able to take a step back, think of myself as a person, and “accept and embrace [my] starting point”. With every passing year, I would grow as a person outside of my consciousness. Although the process of applying was “frustrating [and] overwhelming”, it was a step that I still do to this day. That said, it is important to reflect, and embrace the newer, more mature person that I am so that I am able to convey that growth to others. This past year, I had the pleasure of opening a non-profit organization for women's empowerment in the field of technology. I developed a great passion for working directly with women and discussing the technology's impact on their lives and training them on digital entrepreneurship and innovation technology.

I found that this place was the perfect niche for me, and it was something that I was looking to do as a CEO.

I see my career journey as an ongoing progression of being able to put women together to solve their economic, social, and technological problems. I have been working with international organizations, academics, and technologists in the non-profit sector to help implement many projects to support refugees and women, and when it comes to women's success stories, I always see the gratitude on women's faces. I see tears in women's eyes and feel how great and noble the work of putting women in the right way.

However, moving forward, I am excited to keep exploring the world of a non-profit organization and to bring my experiences and knowledge to the field of Innovation, technological innovation, and digital entrepreneurship.

What was your most challenging experience and it has changed your mindset?

I have learned a lot in my journey, and much of what I have learned has changed my way of thinking. I think the most memorable moment I have had that really changed my mindset was when we dove into the Jordanian refugee camp for the first time. I had not all of these prior thoughts on refugees and what it meant to be a refugee. my work as a CEO of Purple ocean for technological empowerment changed my mind and shaped my understanding of the refugee experience, Through listening to refugee lives, I learned that the dangerous journey Refugee make is an important part of their story, This was an eye-opening experience for me human level. Being able to help people by teaching them new skills was what got me passionate about refugees and women empowering in the field of innovation technology. Flash forward 15 years and I now have the privilege to work for the world’s leading non-profit organization, helping many people learn new technology skills.

What’s the key success factor for a female entrepreneur in cross-cultural context based on your experience?

Most entrepreneurs define success as business growth. However, for women entrepreneurs, success incorporates various aspects and meanings. Thus, success is by far one of the most complex concepts in the field of entrepreneurship. Because women entrepreneurs’ success is a multifaceted concept, it has, therefore, multiple interpretations. based on my experience A crucial factor affecting the success of women entrepreneurs across the world is the culture. Therefore, there must be a ceaseless effort to move, stimulate and coordinate with women entrepreneurs while developing the policies to promote women in business meanwhile, women itself need to attempt and update themselves inside the changing over occasions by methods for adjusting the pristine time benefits. Women ought to be taught and talented persistently to assemble the capacities and information in the greater part of the viable districts of business administration. This will encourage women to exceed expectations in choice-making process and expand a decent business.

Based on your experience, what’s the key success factor for a female leader/manager?

Based on my experience a female leader is self-assured. With greater self-awareness, she can come to the leadership table more self-assured. nowadays women have made enormous strides in several formerly male-dominated industries and are excelling in leadership roles. A female leader is a Strong woman connected. She values the relationships and the networks that have been a part of her story. she recognizes the importance of every person who is a part of her journey so far and she intentionally invests in others and seeks to learn from others. Being a female leader carries more challenges than it ought to. You may be the first woman leading in your environment. You may be the only woman at the table. a leader woman realize that these moments are helping to make the way easier for other women who will come behind them. They are patient to navigate the terrain of being the lone female at the table because they know they are making it better for other women in the future. in addition, leader women are committed to their goals. While the unexpected may circumvent their plans from time to time, they stay patient yet persistent in the pursuit of their dreams and goals. When circumstances like an unexpected job change for your spouse or maternity leave with your new child delay your goals for a season, you stay committed to your plan and persistently chase opportunities that help you achieve those goals. You may have to reinvent or pivot, but your persistence leads to fulfillment.

In all situations, while acquiring, financing, or accompanying companies in their key strategic developments, I have always valued intellectual stimulation, inspiration, and collaborative decision-making. so, making conscious decisions about the career choices and the associated commitments and ensuring that the experiences gained are complementary are important elements.

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