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Q&A with Irene Becker

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Irene Becker, Chief Success Officer @Just Coach It-The 3Q Edge

Tell us a bit About Your Background

As the first female CEO of a steel wire business in Canada I did not simply sexism but being automatically discounted in a male dominated field. I took over my late father’s business with six figure debts, an anti-female leadership environment and being the topic of ridicule for many. My passion for effective leadership and communication was honed and I developed new ways of seeing, adapting, creating and doing that I believe are critical to living and leading, surviving and thriving in a world where the greatest constant we face is change, competition and the challenge to use what we would traditionally call obstacles as a pivot point for a new evolution of self, a new evolution of communication, a new evolution of collaboration and leadership that will not only change the face of leadership, but will heal to terrible wounds we all face at a time when anxiety and depression are the greatest causes of disability in the world. Why is leadership, effective leadership so rare?

Anxiety, depression, overwhelm and a growing sense of peril line the streets of our cities and the walls of our offices and communities. Leadership is not about disempowerment, in fact science tells us that it is impossible to lead, to think properly when we are disempowered. While fear sells, as it touches our primal wiring, it attracts our immediate attention and causes us to be on the look out for predators we are a crisis autopilot while the blood flow to our PFC (thinking part of the brain) is less that before. Fears sells, but it also smells. This primal wiring served us well when we lived in caves, but it is now destroying us from inside out. CAVEAT, again science tell us that we can change habitual ways of thinking, communicating, and doing that no longer serve us. My 18 years in practice has taught me the same. We have survived as a species because of our ability to adapt and we will survive and thrive in this era if we embrace our ability to do just that while holding on the courage, faith, hope, humanity and integrity that hold our world and our lives together. I feel that men and women must put down their political and gender swords, just as people of different backgrounds, religions, socio-economic divides must realize that we are ONE people sharing ONE planet. United in what really counts, in the five values/pillars I mentioned previously builds a bridge across divides and with the right training and coaching we can build a bridge to a better tomorrow. Are critical to leadership at the speed of change. After doing a coaching certification, leadership, communication, and career optimization were my next step in making a positive difference.

What does being a “Transformational Catalyst” mean

It means helping clients transform changes, challenges, and stressors (even failures) into new ways of thinking, feeling, and communicating that drive and sustain the fire of human potential and results. McKinsey and Company estimates that change is happening ten times faster and at 300 times the scale and impact of the Industrial Revolution. It is time to recognize our potential to develop new perspectives and 3Q skills that make us faster and happier than before.

Your Blog is called “The 3Q Leadership Blog” What are the three Qs you’re referring to, and why are they important?

  1. Q1: IQ – Enhanced focus, ideation, strategic thought, improved decision-making, and ability to learn-relearn faster.

  2. Q2: EQ – Enhanced emotional self-management, relationship management, communication, collaboration, resiliency, and risk tolerance.

  3. Q3: SQ – Values, purpose, integrity of thought and action, and the reinforcement of intrinsic motivators that keep one moving and leading forward during tough times.

3Q Leadership™ is about helping those who lead and those who aspire to greater leadership in their work and their lives actualize the intellectual, emotional, creative, and purpose-driven capacity that drive enhanced learning/re-learning, and an evolution of thought, communication, collaboration and action that helps us reach higher ground in our lives and careers with greater facility and success.

A stressor or a failure seen with new eyes can become a positive lever that expands thinking/cognition, resiliency/adaptability, communication/collaboration, and purpose/results rather than being a common deterrent of potential. We have the power to retrain our brains to reset default patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing that will not take us forward in the 21st century because change, competition, challenges, and failures are the new normal.

“The Most Important Skill We Must Develop and Hone is…

Our ability to build our ultimate advantage our 3Q Edge by adapting our thinking (Q1) and our emotional/communication (Q2) which develops the, the potential we have to build cognitive and emotional dexterity, improved communication and collaboration while holding on to the only unchangeable anchor we have (Q3) faith, hope, courage, humanity and integrity. I believe that we must embrace a 3Q perspective and skill set that ignites and kindles the fire of human purpose, potential and shared success. I think that women are pivotal and that their input, their ability to join hearts, minds, and hands with men as partners in a better tomorrow is the call to a better future.

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