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Q&A with Charul C Jaitly

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Charul C Jaitly

How could you describe your career path in few words?

Charul is a Successful Businesswoman, Serial Entrepreneur, HR Veteran, Key Environment Supporter and Enabler, Multiple Awards Winner, YouTuber, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Content Creator, Mindfulness Coach, and now she is also the reigning 'Mrs UAE International' J She endorses Purposeful Leadership and is an Unwavering Optimist.

She believes, her life is a beautiful story in the making, which she hopes will inspire and motivate many to keep going! She defines all her life experiences as exceptional. And no challenges, curve balls, or failures, have ever deterred her will to continue moving forward. In fact, each blow resulted in her rising even higher.

On the other side of the table, she is a proud Founder and Managing Partner of her business 'Mātiti Group'. Focusing on People, Technology, Sustainability, Corporate Financing and Defense consulting. Her Company is on a mission to enable organizations to reach their maximum potential, hence amplify success, through the art of ‘Mindset Shift’. 

Charul is also a Passionate Content Creator and is an International Public and Motivational Speaker. One can find her in forums and events, speaking about Transformation, Mental Health, Wellness, Diversity and Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Women Equality, Leadership and related subjects. Her famous quote (coined by her) – “All the wisdom, strength and guidance one seeks, lies within oneself”, is the cornerstone of all her work.

She is a yoga enthusiast, practices pranic healing, loves baking, reading, and taking long walks by the beach. 

What was your most challenging experience and it has changed your mindset?

Given many challenges (failures) that she has been through in life thus far, has allowed her to change her perspective towards the so called ‘failures’.

She now sees them as ‘opportunities’.

Because every time when she looks back, it was always a failure that led to a bigger learning and achieving a bigger meaning to a situation or a problem.

While she can think of many such hurdles, the recent one was when she got diagnosed with a critical/life threatening medical condition.

She was in the midst of various tests, scans, doctors’ appointments, when a beauty pageant team in Dubai contacted her to participate in their upcoming 'Mrs UAE International' Pageant in December.

When the pageant team contacted her in August, she wasn't even sure what her state would be in December, owing to her impending medical condition.

She flew back home, ending up in an 8 hours long operation, followed by a long road to recovery.

There were moments, if not days, when she felt like a victim, felt she couldn't bear the pain anymore, and started to question 'why me'? And it was in those moments itself that she found her answers.

She now believes that nothing in life happens without a bigger purpose, sometimes a bit difficult to understand and often takes us a long time to comprehend.

Sometimes they say, "you have to put up with the rain, if you want to see the rainbow"

And that rainbow did appear for her. 

Almost towards the end of November 2021 after undergoing follow up tests and receiving special permission from the treating doctor, she decided to enter the competition.

She had no expectations and was aware that other participants had been in the program for several months practicing and rehearsing for the grand finale. 

Against all odds, with the new found hope and support from my family, she decided to enter the pageant to bounce back in life.

And rightfully so, not only did she bounce back and participate, she WON the crown J

She is very proud and thankful for emerging on top, winding up the year 2021. Which before felt like a big failure!!!

The last few months have taught her lifetime of lessons and experiences which she wishes to continue to share with those who need some motivation, who need to know they are not alone, and who need to see that victory isn’t always about winning.

What’s the key success factor for a female entrepreneur in cross cultural context based on your experience?


This is the best tip ever, and Charul is a living example of this.

While the world has its own way, she encourages all the readers to dare to craft their own way, create their own legacy and nurture in them what they value the most.

Because in the end nothing else will matter.

Always and always, its learning by failing, picking yourself up every time you fall and rising up again, and that’s what makes you journey unique.

And when we couple these experiences/ learnings, with the right qualification, career growth and skill enhancement programs, it’s a rare combination.

However, the secret sauce is right mindset, and then believe me it becomes the recipe for ‘acing your life’

“Some women fear the fire----some women become it!”

That’s how she summarizes herself.

She would like to believe she has come a long way in life, but she also knows there is so much left to be explored. And she can’t wait for what’s next!

These values and principles will always be her guiding light, that will help her find the shore every time she loses her way.

Summing up all your experiences, what is your greatest life lesson?

There have been several feathers added to Charul’s cap in the past year. Few highlights will be - Receiving ‘UAE Change Maker Award’ by IWS Arabia, ‘Global Woman of Stature’ from Woman of Stature Foundation, ‘Middle East’s Women Leader' Award from World Women Leadership Congress 'Women Power Entrepreneur' Award by Women Power Summit & Awards 2021, 'Emirati Women Ambitions and Inspiration for Next 50 Years', Winning 'Mrs UAE International 2021' Title, Publishing 2 co-authored books and Appointment as Advisory Board Member.

According to her - Life is to be lived, explored, experienced.

Simple things in life are often learned in many strong and challenging ways. And one may ask why? Because we have inherent belief that whatever is simple and easy, perhaps is not worth the price, time or effort.

Does that ring a bell?

Charul found herself debating this through years now, how the same food plated on an expensive dish in a fancy restaurant tasted equally good as the same dish served in the roadside restaurant, she used to sometimes hang out at during her college days.

Everything in life can be calibrated differently based on the context in which its being reviewed. Which can sometimes fool the observer, and lead to skewed perceptions.

And for Charul this realization came by going through her own set of challenges, learning how to overcome her own fears and by getting out of her comfort zone.

And through this article she has made an attempt to calibrate few of her key learnings in life as a successful woman, a proud business owner, a celebrated public speaker and reigning Mrs. UAE International.

Or perhaps as a humble woman, who gracefully accepts life with all its ups and downs and consciously chooses to be optimistic (while being realistic).

In Charul’s experience, every lesson in life comes with some form of need of investment. If not money, it will be your time, efforts, talent, etc… sometimes tangible investments and others are more intangible.


As an Individual, Charul’s goal is to continue learning and growing herself, as its an endless journey, and while she does so to continue to motivate and inspire others. This explains her public appearances and frequent keynote events. And to achieve that she continues to foster relationships and collaborations with right partners globally, which collectively allow her to create a better future for all.

For Charul’s buisness the game changing factor has been the underlying values of 'integrity and responsible growth'. Integrity to enusre all parties involved have their best interest vested in the growth of the business and related projects. And 'resposible growth' that ensures each element is valued and cared for as a result of our business decisions - from impact on enviorment, to societies, furture generations, the youth and all related elements.

The above list is a snapshot of Charul’s commitment and determination to keep moving forward, against all the odds.

This wholistic approach enables her to inspire and motivate others who are willing to make a positive shift in their life.

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