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Q&A with Jasneet Kaur Anand

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Jasneet Kaur Anand, Entrepreneur & Startup Mentor

How could you describe your career path in a few words?

A little push in the right direction at an early age can make a big difference.From attending my dream college and university to landing a job I could never have imagined, I have been through a lot of unprecedented ways in life, from opting to be a Chartered Accountant to leaving and going to Delhi University with the view to learning and seeking specialisation in the domain of finance and law after clearing the level-1.

Throughout college, I held many presidential positions, received many accolades, and developed my interests in the areas of oration and debate, which piqued my interest in the sheer beauty of learning and expressing the findings, which piqued my interest in social and academic pieces of research, which piqued my interest in research paper writing for various national and international conferences. After completing my bachelors, I started pursuing a Bachelors in Law to serve my country in the form of advocacy and serve as a consultant to lawmakers. Immense experience landed me with corporate exposure in private and semi-governmental sectors in the domains of finance, research, and business, along with my non-profit entrepreneurial setup which aims at providing student consultancy.

Then COVID19 took me back to my hometown and, with a desire to keep doing something big and revolutionary, I started to work on an indifferent project named MYBIZKID to instil financial literacy at an early age and open the avenues for your growing buds to unleash their true potential in the areas of finance and business.

For the past two years, I've been working, working on research pieces and serving as a CONTENT CREATOR, CAREER & TEEN LIFE COACH to over 10,000 students, making life easier for many.

What was your most challenging experience, and has it changed your mindset?

Life is an uncertain roller coaster. You can choose to embrace it and enjoy the ride, joyfully learning from your experiences along the way; or you can choose to rebel against all of life's challenges, resenting every moment of your journey.

The latter robs you of any growth or development, while the former gives you the opportunity to learn from those challenges and become a better person for having experienced them.

Talking about my challenging experience was to take up the domain of my career working as an Academic Head for an ed-tech company, dealing with content creation, team management, training, enough R&D practices, client retention, and much more all at once.

That time gave me sleepless nights, anxious feelings, stress and burdened, but one thing from one of my mentors kept me alive: "Work until you are learning something new every day".

That one sentence gave me the kick to work endlessly with high spirits from morning to night, working over weekends too. Today I am able to generate high-end results for myself and my organisation, and I love what I do. I learn something new every day.

I am inclined to work hard as much as possible till I turn 30 and enjoy an early retirement with enough income and peace.

Based on your experience, what’s the key success factor for a female leader/manager?

There are no easy fixes for rebalancing the global gender gap. With only 2.4% of women in CEO seats at Fortune 500 companies. Women often need to prove themselves a bit more than their male counterparts and work harder to gain the respect of their peers. As per my experience, 3 key success factors for a female leader or manager could be:

1. Strength & Perseverance: We need to be strong enough to believe in ourselves, even when people around us don't, and inspire others to do the same. We need to understand that there is nothing within the biological gender that makes them less patient or less suitable for unpredictability.

2. Knowing How to Ask: Instead of falling victim to the situation or waiting for someone to see barriers and remove them, women must be empowered to take charge of these situations themselves.

3. Tenacity: Women in positions of leadership frequently face challenges that men do not. Many are family-oriented, and happy personal events like pregnancies and maternity leaves are deemed by some as damaging to momentum in the workplace. These additional responsibilities do not justify excluding businesswomen on the grounds that they are delicate or distracted.

"Leadership is not a person or a position. It is a complex moral relationship between people based on trust, obligation, commitment, emotion, and a shared vision of the good. " - Joanne Ciulla

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