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Q&A with Nathalie Jeha

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Nathalie Jeha, CEO @Better'fly Lebanon, Marketing & Business Consultant

How could you describe your career path in few words?

My career started with a simple dream, a lot of passion, ambition and dedication. I decided to take small forward steps, one at a time, I decided to deal with challenges – each at a time and I decided to motivate myself every step of the way. Success, is a decision at the end of the day. You either choose to be successful and give it all it takes, or simply choose not to. My career path has been defined by a relentless focus on creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking. I've worked hard to build a team of talented professionals who share my passion for delivering exceptional results, and together, we've been able to help countless clients achieve their marketing goals through a combination of cutting-edge techniques and proven best practices. I'm proud of the work we've done, and excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.

What was your most challenging experience and it has changed your mindset?

Besides, the economic turmoil that presented me with formidable challenges and compelled me to persevere, regardless of the circumstances, has reinforced the notion that my established mindset ought to constitute an integral part of my daily routine; One of the most challenging experiences in my career was navigating a major crisis with a high-profile client. The situation required quick thinking, careful planning, and effective communication to ensure that we could mitigate the impact of the crisis and protect the client's reputation. This experience taught me the importance of being agile, responsive, and transparent in the face of unexpected challenges. It also reinforced the value of building strong relationships with clients based on trust, integrity, and a shared commitment to success. As a result, I've become more proactive in identifying potential risks and opportunities, and more focused on fostering open and honest communication with all of our clients.

Based on your experience, what skills should an entrepreneur develop in 2023?

Entrepreneurs must remain current with the constantly evolving technology and increasing interconnectedness of the world to remain competitive. What skills should an entrepreneur develop in 2023? I’d say: Flexibility: The capacity to quickly adjust to changes in market conditions and customer requirements will be an invaluable skill for entrepreneurs in 2023. This necessitates the ability to adapt strategies and tactics quickly to outperform the competition. Technical Knowledge: Businesses of all sizes are increasingly leveraging technology. In 2023, it will be an essential skill for entrepreneurs to have a strong understanding of available technologies and how to use them efficiently. Interpersonal Skills: Communication is critical for entrepreneurs, and effective interpersonal skills are necessary for building connections with customers and potential partners. In 2023, the ability to communicate well through writing, speech, and body language will be vital. Digital Presence: With the increased prevalence of digital marketing, it's important for entrepreneurs to understand how to use social media and other online channels to reach their target audience. In 2023, establishing a robust digital presence and knowing the power of SEO will be crucial. Networking: Developing relationships with individuals in the same industry or related fields can help entrepreneurs grow their business. Networking is also an excellent way to stay current with the latest industry trends and discover new opportunities that may arise in the future.

Based on your recent experiences, if you had one piece of advice for an entrepreneur's success in the context of 2023, what would it be?

To thrive in 2023, leaders in the corporate world should take into account the following critical trends and tactics:

  • Broaden the scope of your product or service offerings.

  • Venture into new markets to expand your reach.

  • Prioritize customer retention efforts to build lasting relationships.

  • Embrace digital technologies to keep up with changing trends.

  • Invest in employee training and development to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Collaborate with other businesses to leverage synergies and create new opportunities.

  • Seek out funding and investment opportunities by utilizing technological innovations.

  • Remain agile and adaptable to changing circumstances.

  • Highlight the value of your product or service to attract and retain customers.

  • Utilize low-cost marketing and advertising channels to effectively promote your brand.

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