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Q&A with Dr Rita Renee

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Exclusive Trusted Magazine Q&A with Dr Rita Renee, Owner @Gibson & Gibson Licensed Financial Professionals

How could you describe your career path in a few words?

Following in the footsteps of my grandmother and aunts on my father’s side, I chose a career path in nursing. The career choice was also embraced by my passion for helping another feel better. My humble begins as a medical assistant in a doctor’s office, a certified nursing assistant for an assisted living facility, then eventually a registered nurse in the hospital, IV therapist and Wound Care Specialist, and finally, an HMO Clinical Director/Manager.

While working as a nurse and in other administrative capacities in the church, I pursued and completed my MBA degree. I began to fine-tune my management skills and ability to build other organization leaders and obtained my Ph.D. in Leadership and Organizational Development.

Amid my studies, I felt a strong calling into the ministry and wanted to better my understanding of the scriptures. Therefore, I obtained my Doctorate in Divinity and Theocentric Psychological Therapy. Why? Because of all that I have witnessed in ministry and the unwillingness of leaders to ask for help because of the negative stigma of mental health, stress, and anxiety that many parishioners and leaders have when they ignore life issues. However, in 2015 I was introduced to the Financial Industry. And my life has never been the same. As a Licensed Financial Professional, I incorporate all my experiences as a nurse with a MBA and Doctorate Degrees in Leadership, Psychology and Ministry to demonstrate a compassionate approach to help families become finically free. Why? Because the number one root cause of so many health problems, mental challenges, and family issues is money!

What was your most challenging experience, and has changed your mindset?

Burnout. Which for me was due to over commitment, not being able to say no, and not having boundaries. A. Over commitment. Realizing I am human. So, I began to prioritize projects and a major part of dealing with the effects of overcommitting was allowing others to help by delegating. Success is never an individual effort; it’s a team effort. B. Saying no can save your life, your mental health and physical health. It is just being honest with yourself and not seeking approval from others. C. Creating healthy boundaries. This is HUGE for me. Prior to me implementing boundaries, I was often taking advantage of it. It was assumed that I would stay late, I would do the overtime, I would pay for it. When develop healthy boundaries, you allow yourself to come from the back of the line to the front of the line.

When you get surprised by an unusual or uncertain context, what do you think?

If you don’t understand something, it is ok to say that you don’t understand. It is not a crime to ask for clarification. We must not allow pride to hinder our understanding and the need to ask others for help. I personally believe that we were created to be in silos but collaboratively work together as a community. Whether it is at our jobs or businesses, families, or neighborhoods. If COVID didn’t teach us anything, it taught of the value of community! We relied on each other more than ever. I pray we never forget that as Leader. It keeps us humble in our roles knowing that the result of a project and the successful outcome was achieved by the efforts of the organization and not by an individual.

Based on your experience, what’s the key success factor for a leader / manager?

Don’t self-sabotage your greatness by letting others’ negative opinions about your abilities hinder your success. Your greatest competition is the person that you look at each day in the mirror. You must know your value and what you can bring to the table. When you have worked hard never apologize for your successes. Stay humble and teachable. Yet celebrate every win and embrace every challenge. Always remember where you came from and who contributed to your success. Mentor as many women as you can along your journey. Take the time to share your journey with others. Never be ashamed of it! You never know what littler girl or woman of any age you may provide the necessary encouragement to take their first step or another step to become a successful leader just like you.

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