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Housing loans: Bank Of Africa launches a digital platform (Morocco)

Dernière mise à jour : 11 nov. 2021

By Trusted Magazine editorial team.

Bank Of Africa (BOA) is pursuing its strategy of digitalisation of banking products and services. The Bank is launching a its online mortgage subscription platform called "". "This is the first online home loan platform, allowing customers, to carry out their simulation, to examine their home loan application, to receive a commercial offer, to download supporting documents and to follow the progress of their credit file. All this with personalised assistance provided by our teams at every stage of the online process", explains a press release from BOA. This new digital customer journey, which meets the requirements of an increasingly digital clientele, offers users several "advantages", including a "simple and fluid" customer experience, instant agreement in principle, the possibility of attaching supporting documents online without the need for face to face application process at the branch, except for the contracts to be signed.

The platform also provides remote support at all stages of the process thanks to "the availability of a team of specialised telephone advisers 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm". "This platform enables individual, professional and MRE (Moroccans living abroad) customers to take out their mortgage loan at a distance and benefit from a preferential offer exclusive to this channel, notably through free application and appraisal fees", the bank points out. Through its digital transformation, BANK OF AFRICA is committed to offering a quality service backed by digital technology, through a diversification of its national and international services to get closer to its corporate clients and meet all their needs. In a world where everything is connected, the group had also previously deployed the SWIFT GPI (Global Payment Innovation) service, a new standard for cross-border payments, to enable corporate customers to manage and track their international payments more efficiently. Thanks to SWIFT GPI, the bank offers its customers a new experience in monitoring and managing their cross-border payments, in terms of increased speed of payment for international goods and services, shorter procurement cycles and reduced exposure to foreign exchange risks, real-time payment monitoring, end-to-end payment information transfer, optimised cash and liquidity management, etc.

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