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SoGé, a new relationship model signed by Société Générale in Morocco

Dernière mise à jour : 12 nov. 2021

By Trusted Magazine editorial team.

Société Générale (Morocco) has just launched a new relational model of online banking. Called SoGé, this solution is based on a multi-channel service offering, which is based on a better relationship between customers and their bank, thanks to the personalised support provided by a team of telebankers, who can be reached during extended hours until 8:30 pm. "Today, more than ever before, Société Générale Maroc is working to set up a simple and secure range of products and services, through fluid, fast and optimised customer journeys. The launch last July of SoGé, our online bank, clearly illustrates this desire to simplify the offer," says Mohamed Filal, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Innovation and Quality at Societe Generale (Morocco). This new relational model is based on a 100% remote service offer, with extended hours, to better meet customer expectations. With its "Liberté" offer, SoGé is the first banking service in Morocco to offer the essentials of "daily banking" at a distance and without age or income conditions. This range of products and services will evolve over time, taking into account customer needs, notably through a customised equipment offer that will also be completely dematerialised. SoGé customers have total autonomy to activate these additional services, which are billed on a pay-per-use basis only. Indeed, this offer comes in response to studies and customer surveys carried out by the bank, which show that Moroccans are increasingly interested in autonomous management of their day-to-day banking operations. This need is mainly expressed through the increased use of digital technologies, which give more freedom, but also instant access to information and flexibility in the execution of operations. "With SoGé, the bank plans to develop its offer in favour of credit and savings equipment products based on its main customer promise, which is to serve the customer 100% remotely," explains Mr. Filal. This new model is an innovative addition to Societe Generale Maroc's range of services, responding to customers' increased need for autonomy, personalised support and adapted pricing. With SoGé, Societe Generale is consolidating its close relationships and its positioning as an innovative digital bank that listens to its customers' expectations. It should be noted that Societe Generale Maroc has already been engaged in its digital transformation for several years now. Then, it confirmed its position as an innovative bank through the launch, in January 2019, of the strategic plan "Avenir 2019-2022" which highlights its dynamic of openness and customer-oriented innovation. Since then, it has been part of a transformation dynamic exploring the technologies of the Bank of the Future in favour of new banking experiences.

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