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The National Bank of Algeria to expand its network of Digital/Self-service agencies

Dernière mise à jour : 12 nov. 2021

By Trusted Magazine editorial team.

The National Bank of Algeria (BNA) continues its digital transformation policy and announces the opening of 9 new digital branches in several regions. These enable customers to carry out various remote banking transactions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, such as withdrawing and depositing cash, checking account balances, consulting the history of the last 10 transactions, consulting the bank account details (RIB), ordering a cheque book, cashing cheques, transferring money from one account to another, as well as electronic savings account transactions. These branches also provide customers with several services using touch-sensitive tablets, credit, financing and insurance simulation, access to the e-payment platform, consultation of the bank's website, and live communication with a customer manager who answers customer questions and requests for guidance by videoconference. "Aware of the changing needs and expectations of citizens, the BNA chooses innovation at the heart of its win-win strategy. It is embarking on the implementation of new, more modern branches based on the use of the latest digital technologies", underlines a press release from the bank.

As a reminder, BNA's first Digital Agency was launched in 2018, offering all the functionalities of a traditional agency. This branch offers a digital space providing several services such as e- Banking, online payment, and credit simulators. BNA's digital branches reflect the bank's overall strategy to embark on a process of digitalisation, which stems from the bank's policy of outsourcing the services it offers to customers, particularly private individuals, in order to allocate the time needed for advisory and financing activities in favour of corporate customers. In this way, the Bank affirms its desire to pursue its policy of diversifying distribution channels while making a range of innovative products and services available to its customers.

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